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• Do I need a permit to install a security system in my home/facility?

Yes and No, it will depend on city/county ordinances. You may also be required to register your                       alarm system to your local authorities for alarm response.


• I rent an apartment/house, should I still consider a home security system?

Yes.  You will need permission from the landlord for the installation due to certain aspects of the system.


• Can purchasing a security or fire alarm system decrease my insurance premium?

In most cases yes. SMS provides an "Insurance Certificate" upon final completion of your system installation. Forward this certificate to your insurance agent and they can advise you of any applicable discounts.


• Can I have my existing security or fire alarm system monitored?

Yes, as long as the system is compatible with our connectivity . Sometimes depending on the system it might not be compatible due to the age or the integrity of the system. A simple check of your system by one of our certified technicians can determine serviceability for sure.


• Will my pet trigger a false alarm on my security system?

Yes, if you do not have pet immune devices. In the cases where the property houses pets, pet immune devices can be installed and will provide the protection you need without the false alarms.


• What is 2-way Voice?

 2-way voice allows the Central Station Operator to communicate with the person who initiated

the alarm signal through a speaker/microphone device. Recommended highly if you live alone. 


What is a portable panic button and how does it work?

They are typically worn around the neck, some are on wrist bands and belt clips. It allows the customer to initiate a call to the central monitoring station instantly by pressing the button.


Can I take my home security system with me when I move?

Yes. Any system or devices we install can be relocated to your new home.


How long have you been in Business?

Since 1982


I see DIY alarm systems on the market, why should I purchase one from you instead?

A security system is meant to offer peace of mind. Most people would take their car to a professional, and this is the same reason you should trust a professional to install a security/fire system. What value is peace of mind without knowing the system was installed and is functioning properly by a licensed alarm dealer.  DIY systems are shown to generate more than their share of false alarms due to improper installation and faulty equipment, which can result in needless fees from the responding authorities.


Do you have camera systems I can view on my phone?

Yes, depending on your service provider and your upload/download speed.


Can you install systems that control who goes into certain doors at my facility? 

Yes. Access control is becoming the norm when it comes to monitoring your facility. Contact a rep today to see how you can be upfitted for a door entry system that is software controlled.


• I don’t want a land line, what can I do?

SMS can install a system that transmits signals from your system over the internet or by cellular to the central monitoring station.


• Can I have an App on my phone to arm or disarm my system?

Yes, your system will need to communicate throught the internet or a cellular radio communicator.  Most of the systems provided by SMS have apps for Apple/ Android phones and tablets..


• Can I control a Thermostat with the security system?

Yes, this is becoming a very popular option, as well as controlling a door lock. You will need to have an internet connection.


• What are some of the name brands that you sell?

Click here to see our line card.


• Where are you located?

Our corporate office for SMS is located in Franklin NC.  A 2nd branch was recently opened in North Myrtle Beach SC. Several more branches are planned to open soon......


• Can I extend my warranty?

Yes, SMS provides several options. We have preventive and full maintenance plans.


• Is it too late to purchase a maintenance or service plan for my system?

No, the maintenance plans offered can be added to your services at anytime.


• If I lose power, will my alarm system still work?

Yes, a battery backup is installed in all of our systems.  Standard battery backup can be anywhere from 4  hrs - 24 hrs.  We do have options for longer periods of time. 


• How do I change the people on my call list?

This can be done in several ways…. Notify our office, notify the central monitoring station, or Click here to send an email request for changes.










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