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Fire Alarms Franklin NC

To protect the investment of your home or business from fire means you need a system that is reliable, proven, and gives you the control you need. 


SMS offers powerful solutions that secure people and property with some of the most innovative technology ever developed. From sophisticated life safety and security systems to cost-effective intelligent threat detection, all SMS products undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout their development to make sure they bring long-term value to every application… So it comes as no surprise that SMS solutions can be found maintaining secure environments in some of the world’s most important structures.

But your building doesn’t have to be a national treasure to benefit from world-class fire and life safety technology. The SMS product lines are meticulously designed to offer both value and performance for any size building, and our wide selection offers a single comprehensive source of quality life safety products for any application.

When you invest in SMS fire and life safety products you invest in a legacy that spans more than 30 years of innovation, and a corporate culture that focuses squarely on the future.

SMS is already at the forefront of emerging new detection technologies, and we’re investing heavily in innovative security solutions that will make your world safer.


Don’t be bothered with nuisance alarms


SMS systems continuously tunes detector sensitivity by adjusting for environmental conditions such as dirt and humidity. Meanwhile, sounder bases eliminate the potential for disruption by providing a local audible alarm until the event is verified. This feature further reduces the risk of nuisance alarms, avoiding the disruption to building occupants, and fire department fines that result. NFPA-compliant detector diagnostics make annual testing simple and quick. Building occupants aren’t overrun with technicians, and sensitive building areas remain secure at all times.

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