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As companies grow, the diversity of protocols, increased performance, LAN media, WAN services, and networking equipment required to support mission-critical network services expand dramatically. With extensive support for multiprotocol data routing, voice and data integration, DSL access, ATM, dial access services, and integrated switching, the Cisco 2600 Series provides a flexible, scalable, integrated solution that simplifies the process of deploying and managing the branch-office network solutions.
The Cisco 2600 Series offers a comprehensive feature set ideal for solutions requiring the following support:
• Multiservice voice and data integration

• VPN access with firewall and encryption options

• Analog dial access services

• Routing with bandwidth management

• Inter-VLAN routing

• Delivery of high-speed business-class DSL access

• Cost-effective ATM access

• Integration of flexible routing and low-density switching

• Integration of content networking

• Integration of intrusion detection systems (IDSs)

• Integration of network analysis systems

The foundations of these solutions are the Cisco IOS ® Software elements of security, availability, quality of service (QoS), manageability, and integration. Combined, these features support the delivery of distributed intelligence that extends to the branch office. By delivering powerful business tools and applications to the branch, enterprises can realize the business benefits of increased productivity, cost reductions, and scalable exchange of information.
The modular architecture of the Cisco 2600 Series allows interfaces to be upgraded to accommodate network expansion or changes in technology as new services and applications are deployed. Modular interfaces are shared with the Cisco 1700 and Cisco 3700 series, providing unrivaled investment protection and reducing the complexity of managing the remote network solution by integrating the functions of multiple, separate devices into a single, compact unit. Network modules available for the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3700 series support a broad range of applications, including multiservice voice and data integration, integrated switching, analog and ISDN dial access, and serial device concentration.
The integration of field-installable advanced integration modules (AIMs) enhances the performance of the Cisco 2600 Series by offloading processor-intensive functions onto a dedicated coprocessor while preserving external interface slots for other applications. A variety of AIMs are currently supported on all Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3700 series routers, providing high-performance, hardware-assisted data compression, data encryption, ATM, and digital-signal-processor (DSP) functions for up to 30 digital voice channels.
Cisco Systems ® delivers enterprise- and provider-class versatility, integration, and power to branch offices with the Cisco 2600 Series of modular access routers. The Cisco 2600XM models and the Cisco 2691, they provide a high degree of performance, service density, and flexibility to address evolving branch-office requirements.

Cisco 2600 Series

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