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BRAND Sencore
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Model LC102 AUTO-Z
Weight 7 lbs

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Electrical Requirements: 

105 - 10 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 24 Watts Max.

17 Volts DC, 1 Amp

The LC102 is TV equipment from Sencore. At ValueTronics, we sell a variety of used and
refurbished testing products for televisions from the manufacturers Tektronix, Wegener, and
others. The electronic test equipment we have for TVs includes the television demodulation
system, NTSC television waveform monitor, NTSC television generator, component/PAL television
generator, and broadcast digital television processor.

Additional Features:

AUTO-Z Capacitor-Inductor Analyzer 
Identifies Defective Components
Automatic Testing of Capacitors and Inductors
Digital Readout: Type: .45", 6-digit, 7 segment LCD
Resolution and Ranges: 1.0 pF to 19.99 F, fully autoranged
Temperature: Operating Range: 32° to 104°F (0 to 40°C); Range for specified accuracy (after 10
-minute warmup): 50° to 86°F (10° to 30°C)
Power: 105-130V AC, 60 Hz, 24 watts supplied
Analyzes inductors from 1 µH to 20 H for opens, shorts, value, and even one shorted turn
Analyzes SCRs and triacs (with accessory), high-voltage resistors, and transmission lines
Makes all tests, compares results to EIA standards, and tells you "GOOD" or "BAD" -
Portable; 9-hour battery operation for remote sites - AC operation for your bench
Analyzes capacitors for:

Value from 1 pF to 20 F
Leakage with up to 1 kV applied
Dielectric absorption
Equivalent series resistance (ESR)
Capacitor Value

Range: 1.0 pF to 19.99 F fully autoranged
Accuracy: ±1% ±1 pF ± 1 digit up to 1990 µF. ± 5% ± .1% of range fullscale for 2000 µF to 19.99
Resolution: .1 pF on lowest range to .01 F on highest range: 12 ranges total
Automatically reads GOOD or BAD according to tolerance selected on keypad
Double layer lytics test patented
Capacitor Leakage Voltage

Voltage Range: 1.0V to 999.9V in 0.1V steps
Voltage Accuracy: +0% -5% 
Power: Short circuit current limited to < 900 mA 
Continuous power limited to 6 watts ± 10%
Selected on keypad
Capacitor Leakage (current)

Range: 0.01 µA to 19.99 mA fully autoranged 
Accuracy: ±5% ±1 digit
Resolution: 0.01 µA to .01 mA for 0.01 µA to 19.99 mA in four ranges 
Voltage: Maximum reading determined by voltage setting
As A Dynamic Ohmmeter

Range: 100 ohms to 999 megohms depending on voltage setting
Accuracy: ±5% ± 1 digit
Capacitor Dielectric Absorption Test

Range: 1 to 100%
Accuracy: ±5% of reading, ± 1 digit
Capacitor Range: 0.01 µF to 19.99 F
Automatically reads GOOD or BAD on electrolytics at 15 percent variation in reading after
charge and discharge; less for other capacitors
Capacitor Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Range: 0.10 ohm to 1999 ohms fully autoranged
Accuracy: ±5% ± 1 digit
Resolution: .01 ohms to 1 ohm on high end in three ranges
Capacitor Range: 1 µF to 19.99 F
Inductor Value

Range: 0.10 µH to 19.99 H fully autoranged 
Accuracy: ±2% ± 1 digit
Resolution: .01 µH for 20 µH range to .01 H for 19.99 H range: 9 automatic ranges
Ringing Test 

Excites inductor with sharp wavefront of 5 volts peak amplitude 60 Hz
Accuracy: ± 1 count from readings of 8 to 13: 10 rings or more automatically indicated as GOOD
Automatically selects correct impedance match to produce maximum rings
Resolution: ± 1 digit

Display: 6-digit LCD: auto decimal placement; leading zero suppression; pF, µF, F, µA, mA, %, K
ohm, M ohm, ohms, µH, mH, H, V, RINGS, SHORT, OPEN, WAIT, GOOD, and BAD annunciators,
overranged indication. 
Power: 105-135 VAC 60 Hz with supplied PA251 power adapter. 
Battery with optional BY234, 2.0 AH battery for 9 hours continuous typical battery life
Auto off approximately 20 minutes after use 
Auto off overiddes when using external AC power
The Sencore LC102 AUTO-Z takes the guesswork out of capacitor and inductor testing. It provides
automatic tests of capacitor value, leakage, EST, and a patented dielectric absorption test.
Inductors are automatically analyzed for value and quality with patented tests. The LC102 is a
complete, automatic, microprocessor-controlled capacitor and inductor analyzer. Its features
make it ideally suited for both single, component analyzing in service or maintenance work or
for large volume batch testing in a lab or incoming inspection.

The Sencore LC102 AUTO-Z is a dynamic, portable, automatic capacitor and inductor tester. It is
designed to quickly identify defective components by simply connecting the capacitor or
inductor to the test leads and pushing a test button. The test result is readily displayed on
an LCD readout in common terms. All capacitor and inductor test results may also be displayed
as GOOD/BAD compared to standards adopted by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). User
defined limits may also be programmed into the LC102 for the GOOD/BAD comparison.

In addition to testing capacitors for value up to 20 Farads, the LC102 checks capacitors
leakage at their rated working voltage, up to 1000 colts. ESR is checked with a patented test,
and an automatic, patented test checks capacitor dielectric absorption. A patented inductance
value test provides a fast, accurate test of true inductance. A patented ringing test checks
coils, deflection yoke, switching power supply transformers, and other non-iron core inductors
with a fast, reliable GOOD/BAD quality test.

Automatic lead zeroing balances out test lead capacitance, resistance, and inductance for
accurate readings on small capacitors and inductors. The LC102 is protected from external
voltages applied to the test leads by a fuse in the TEST LEAD JACK and a special stop testing
circuitry which locks out all test buttons when voltage is sensed on the test leads.


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