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​SMS Shopping list to have a smooth and efficient installation:

  1. SMS needs access to your onsite Network (router) - user name and password or client IT available.

  2. SMS needs client on site to show and focus each camera.

  3. SMS needs client to have cell phone apps user ID and password for download.

  4. SMS needs client to be able to download or acknowledge applications.

  5. SMS needs client to have a email and have access to the email.

  6. SMS needs client to be able to connect online internet (any location) and create a online account using the DVR/NVR website as shown below.

  7. SMS client would need all parties involved on site to show how to use.

Hik-Connect iOS.png

Click on Picture below for iPhone Hik-Connect APP

Click on Picture below for Android Hik-Connect APP - Then Download Button

Hik-connect Andriod.png

If you do not already have a registered account with Hik-Vision or Hik-Connect you can register via website above or on the app, please keep all information you use to register, especially the password, no one can retrieve your password for you. If you decide to register via cellular number and forget your password, the FORGOT password option does not work, it only works for the accounts that are registered with an email. Please make sure when you open the App that you select USA for your region, due to security issues, any one that configured the app outside of the USA will not be able to connect to their Device within the US.

Hik-connect -App Login or register.jpg
Hik-connect -App Login or register1.jpg
Hik-connect -App Login or register-2.jpg

Hik-Connect Playback function on App below

The Hik-Connect App allows you to view and playback the previous recorded video. All based of recording and internet access on both ends. If your site that has the NVR has poor internet playback will not work. If you Smart Device is not a stable and strong internet service playback will not work. 

1st click on round circle ICON on the top of your app that is show in the pictures to the right

2nd click on time setting first the date then the time of day which is in military time.

3rd click on the name of your camera

4th click on start playback on the bottom of your App.

You will then see the black screen loading the cameras if they do not load the factor is stated above. 

Playback Info SnapShots.gif

In order to see, review, play, playback, remotely, your internet provider needs to be working on both ends. As well as electrical power on the NVR side.

SMS Integration

does not control nor service the internet services on both ends. Your Internet service provider is your contact to have either end of the service to work properly.

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