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Intelligent Security, the future is NOW:


  • Convenience • Compatibility • Flexibility • Reliability • Peace of Mind


Are you thinking about loss prevention and return on investment?  So are we! Let SMS help you.

The key to security is controlling who has access, as well as when and where they have access.  Access Control provides a single point of management to accomplish this.  Whether you are controlling access to a small business with a single location or a municipality or school system, we have the experience necessary to assist you in implementing a solution that best fits your needs.


From stand alone systems for single door applications to enterprise solutions with unlimited access points, users and facilities, our solutions are built from modular components, so you can expand coverage, modify user privileges, or increase security measures to match your changing security needs - true scalability.





We can even manage your legacy equipment from intrusion devices to card readers and cameras


Multi-User Software allows easy access for system operators to perform scheduling, activity and status reports.  Graphic Maps can be used to graphically represent your facility or multiple facilities allowing system operators see and interact with devices and components graphically in real-time. Other features can include Intrusion System Management, Camera Management, Photo ID Badging and Report Management all from one interface.  Our open architecture design allows for system integration and control of existing  equipment such as fire alarms, HVAC and lighting.

SMS Integration by: Smoky Mountain Systems

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