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At SMS A/V Services, we are experts in applying the industry’s most advanced Audio / Visual Technologies.  We translate this expertise into value for our customers by providing custom integrated systems solutions; along with our affordable extended support service programs that help you keep your system in optimal working order. We specialize in:


  • Display Devices

  • Audio Systems

  • Video Systems

  • Video & Tele-Conferencing Systems

  • Room Control Systems

  • Room Lighting

  • Recording and Archival System

  • Full Integration Services

Why SMS/AV Services?


  • We are a Technology Service with Cutting-Edge A/V Solutions

  • We Customize our solutions to meet your business and residential Special Needs

  • We provide Added-Value Solutions that best leverage your Budget

  • We offer a Full Range of Services to help your system application work Better and Smarter


SMS A/V Services offers fully integrated A/V systems that can help you with day-to-day support of your video conferencing and presentation facilities needs, deliver high quality content for sales meetings, or even help you establish complete Audio/Visual & IT systems for your home as well as corporate offices.  SMS A/V Services can manage and support your applications as well. Our approach to A/V systems is to provide systems that are easy to use with all the functionality needed to showcase information in any environment.  With the ability to integrate single and multi-rooms systems, SMS can provide scalable systems to meet your business and residential A/V needs.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about how SMS A/V Services can help meet your A/V needs! SMS A/V Services works closely with you to design a customized solution that provides a reliable efficient environment. By drawing on our industry expertise, SMS A/V Services delivers solutions to meet all of your global video needs.  


Are you ready to implement an audio/visual system…  SMS A/V’s full-service resources offer years of experience to assist you in answering any questions you may have, as well as creating a personalized plan to suit your Audio/Visual needs.


SMS A/V Services can help your organization with:


  • LCD Displays

  • Wall Mounts

  • Touch-Screen Displays

  • Fiber Optic Transmission systems

  • Multi-Screen Displays

  • Engineering & Design

  • Audio Visual Solutions

  • Audio Visual Training

  • Audio Visual Design and Installation

  • Communication Technology

  • Lighting, both Rooms

An effective audio/visual system takes more than just mounting a projector. Given the space, the acoustics of the room, and the objective of the Audio/Visual project, a unique design plan needs to be developed.  We can assist in creating an A/V solution that will best leverage your budget and provide your company a reliable and efficient business solution.

As your A/V consultant, we can assist in designing:

  • Comprehensive A/V system

  • Concealed Wiring

  • Wall Mounted Displays

  • Retractable Projector Screen & Custom Mounting Hardware solutions

  • Ceiling Speakers and Room Sound Reinforcement Systems

  • Centralized Room Control Systems

  • Special lighting and Control needs

  • Smart Home Automation

  • And much more…


Full Integration Services


As a full-service audio/visual provider, SMS A/V Services also provides high quality professional Audio Visual Integration Services. SMS A/V service provides full design and integration of all cabling and custom hardware to support your chosen audio/visual solution.  Once the A/V equipment is set up, our SMS specialists provide training and extended service support to ensure optimum system performance as well maximum ROI.


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