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Security Franklin NC



One of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing a security system for your business or home.


Electronic security systems are a critical aspect of protecting your home, business or office. A professional security system can provide the following benefits:

  • A Visual Deterrent to thieves

  • Audible burglar alarm to alert of security breech and to encourage thieves to flee

  • Multiple options to notify you if there has been a security alert

  • Notify your alarm monitoring company if there is a security alert

  • Peace of mind knowing your home/business is always monitored

  • Video Security Cameras to record and verify security breeches


SMS will design a security system to meet your unique requirements. Your security system can keep a watchful eye on all areas of your business:  loss prevention, burglary, fire, and access control, even the personal safety of you and your employees. 

SMS offers various options for you to remotely control your security system from home or on the road verify system status, monitor devices or the status of your security system.  SMS services can add or delete an employee from your security system, adjust shift schedules or modify holiday dates.

The security system is monitored by a state of the art monitoring facility with either dial-up or web monitoring.  Why pay for additional phone lines when you can use your high speed internet connection you already have for web access.   Options include burglary and fire protection, video alarm verification, remote arming and disarming.

Everybody has security challenges: Homeowners, Businesses, Educational institutions, Government facilities – SMS can meet these challenges and more with continuous security innovation. We can create a custom security system solution just for you with the right combination of access control, fire and intrusion alarm, video and other systems. By integrating new security technologies with your existing IT systems we can create a seamless security solution to address your unique needs. Choose SMS for your security system needs and we’ll deliver a solution where every piece of the puzzle falls into place.

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